Licensing is valid for one year and allows complete access to marketing materials, branded newsletter, continued training, trademark and program usage.  Automatic renewal at the end of the year. Only $39.99

​Become a certified and licensed Chiseled Faith Coach in your area.  Learn how to teach the Chiseled Faith Program at your church or facility.  

Reasons to Teach Chiseled Faith:

  • Church Fundraiser
  • Church Outreach Ministry
  • Life Group Addition

This Certification Includes:

  • 8 Hour LIVE Training
  • Chiseled Faith Motivational and Survival Bible
  • 12 Pre-Planned Workout Routines
  • ​​Monthly Chiseled Faith Newsletter Branded to You
  • Complete Access to Marketing Materials, Continued Training, Trademark and Program Usage
  • Certificate of Completion

chiseled faith coach certification

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