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Tracy Markley

​Northwest Regional Manager

Ethan Riewaldt is a nationally-recognized Fitness Educator, Aerobics Instructor, Personal Trainer and professional Stunt Actor and Dancer.

He is a Master Trainer and Presenter for Fitour; CrossFit Level-1 Trainer, and is certified in a variety of other fitness disciplines.  With more than 20 years of Dance and Fitness experience, Ethan provides a positive atmosphere that exudes energy and has participants wanting more!  His workouts and workshops, while informative and often interactive, stimulate the attendees' creative senses while keeping their maximal attention.

Ethan's Performing and Fitness background uniquely enables him to develop entertaining, fact-filled, safe and technically correct courses of study. 

With numerous years of competitive coaching experience, Ethan offers creative, high quality training solutions for his clients' active and competitive lifestyle needs.  He has a contagious energy, heartfelt commitment and unique teaching style that can be felt throughout all his classes. 

Ethan Riewaldt

​Southeast Regional Manager

Lisa Lorraine Taylor

​Southwest Regional Manager

Tracy is Nationally recognized in the fitness industry. She was accepted as a Fitness Examiner for the Athletics & Fitness Association of America & FiTOUR as a Pro-Trainer & Examiner.  She has traveled and studied personally with some top educators.She holds several certifications outside her College Degree for Fitness Specialist, Some Include:
Biomechanics Specialist, Functional Anatomy of the Core & Spine, Medicine Ball Training, BOSU® Master Trainer, Fitness and Nutrition, Hatha Yoga & Sport Yoga Instructor, Pilates & Mat Science, Posture Analysis Specialist, Total Body Flexibility Specialist.

Owner of www.tracyspersonaltraining.com She has clients ranging in ages 8-104yrs. She recently became a Fitness Author of the Book “The Stroke of An Artist” She loves to stay active and hike with her wolf dog ,Wasabi.

Sandra Kersey

​Midwest Regional Manager

Known as the trainers’ trainer, CarolAnn, has become one of the country’s leading fitness educators, authors, and national presenters. Combining a Master’s degree in Exercise Science with fitness certifications/memberships such as FiTOUR, ACSM, ACE, AFAA, and LMI, she has been actively involved in the fitness industry for over 20 years. She is the creator and star of The Steel Physique Fitness on Demand series (www.Steel-Physique.com). She is currently the Founder and Director of Education for Chiseled Faith, a Faith Based Health and Fitness Program for churches.

Lisa is a 22.5 year Nationally and Internationally recognized Fitness professional.  Lisa is a Certified Fitness Practitioner and Personal Trainer with AFAA, a FitTour Pro Trainer, as well as a gold Certified Health Coach with ACE. 

Lisa has obtained her Bachelor's Degree in Holistic Nutrition with a Minor in Nutrition/Optimal Fitness, Psychology and Sociology. 

Lisa is also certified as a Tabata Bootcamp Coach, Nutrition, PN Coach Level1, as well being Certified in Senior, Group Ex, Youth and Perinatal Fitness, just to name a few.

Owner of my www.MyTaylorMadeFitness.com, Lisa coaches after school sports and fitness for ages (K- 5th grade), and has clients from ages 14 to 87.

Lita Pepion grew up on the Blackfeet Indian Reservation where she is an enrolled tribal member.  A mother, grandmother and wife, she studied pre-medicine and biology at the University of Portland and the University of Nevada – Reno where she received a Bachelor of Science degree and was honored as one of the Top Ten Senior Women.  She studied medicine at the University of Minnesota School Of Medicine in Minneapolis, MN, completed clinical internships at Washoe Medical Center in Reno, Nevada and Indian Health Service Clinics in Nevada, South Dakota and Montana.  More recently she completed graduate coursework toward a M.Ed. at MSU Bozeman with an emphasis on curriculum development.

Lita currently works as a Peer Mentor Leader for the Rocky Mountain Tribal Leaders Council Transitional Recovery and Culture Program helping people recovering from Substances Use Disorders live healthier, more productive lives. 

She also owns and operates CRL Health & Fitness, LLC; a 100% Native American owned and operated consulting firm providing health and fitness education, training and certifications, wellness coaching and program development services to Tribes and agencies serving Native Americans and Alaska Natives.  

She has been featured in Yellowstone Valley Woman and Native Montana Magazines, writes for Native Hoop Magazine and is a guest speaker for Native American Calling.  A dynamic presenter and educator, Lita also teaches health and fitness classes in schools and health clubs in Billings, MT.  

Lita serves as a commissioner for the City of Billings Human Relations Commission, a board member for Indian People’s Action, the Montana American Indian Women’s Health Coalition and is a former member of the Billings Public Schools Indian Parent Advisory Committee and the Yellowstone City County Health Board.  She was the 2011 Runner Up for Personal Trainer of the Year at PFP (Personal Fitness Professional), is a Master Fitness Trainer for FiTOUR, faculty member of the American Council on Exercise and an IDEA Health & Fitness Association member. 

In addition to spending time with her family and volunteering in her community Lita can be found working toward social, racial and economic justice in Montana. (406) 534-6791 LitaPepion@hotmail.com

Sandra Kersey is a certified life coach with a strong background in fitness management and nutrition.   She is a soulful entrepreneur which is different from an entrepreneur.  A soulful entreprenuer co-creates themselves with their Higher Power so that their pursuits line up with and incorporate the fullness of our Creator thus the inspired birth of her brand, Divine Design Life Coaching™.

With over 30 years experience in the business of serving others in areas of life balance, health, fitness, nutrition, ministry and more,  between 2011 - 2015, Sandra faced debilitating health issues challenging her to redefine many aspects of her life.   In June 2015, she became a certified life coach through Inspirational Life Coaching Academy.  

Her ongoing training and mentors include programs by leading gurus in the industry of life coaching, neuroscience and energy medicine such as Dr. Wayne Anderson, John Assaraf, Jessica Riverson, Sandi Krakowski, Chalene Johnson, Donna Eden and more.  "My clients invest in themselves.  I, in turn, continue to increase the value of my investment in them." says Kersey.  

Sandra is available for individual and group coaching and is developing a curriculum and an online program to bring out the super powers of your authentic self through a program called Self-Discovery, and another one called Balance and Self-Care.  Empty Nesters, Life Transitions and many others in also in the making. 
"Loosing my life taught me far more about the meaning of life than my more active years.  Existing in a state closer to death than life, I found strength beyond what I could have ever imagined.  I learned first hand the power of mind/body work, nueroplasticity, meditation, and so much more.  It's where I learned and realized the magnitude and power of inner strength and potential we all have within us."  ​-Sandra Kersey

Lita Pepion

​Mountain/Plains Regional Manager

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