We Want to Feature You as the Expert Health/Fitness Host!

Hey Health and Fitness Pro Influencer!

Chiseled Faith is ramping up for the 2020 Spreading the Gospel of Health and Fitness Tour!  We would love to feature you as a host!  We are looking for 12 host sites (preferably church or YMCA locations) to host a Chiseled Faith event that focuses on promoting health/fitness.  This event will be targeting surrounding church communities with the goal of inspiring them to move.  This will be an 1 1/2 hour event with an inspiration message followed up with movement and fellowship.  We are partnering up with industry companies providing health/fitness goodie bags to the participants. 


We want to make a lasting impact by providing the participants with a health and fitness plan, follow up, and results.



  • You will be featured in the marketing pieces
  • Feature article about you and your host site
  • Picture and bio on the Chiseled Faith Website
  • Host Location Printed on the Tour T-Shirts
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