The FitPro Solution to the Dying Church

By:  CarolAnn, M.S., CPT, CN

According to the National Center of Health Statistics of the CDC, the prevalence of obesity among U.S. adults is 39.8%.  Even more interesting, the church community may be a breeding ground for this epidemic with statistics suggesting that the church today may indeed be in worse condition than the general population. A 2006 Purdue study found that the fundamental Christians are by far the heaviest of all religious groups led by the Baptists with a 30% obesity rate.  In addition, a 2011 Northwestern University study tracking 2,433 men and women for 18 years found that young adults who attend church or a bible study once a week are 50% more likely to be obese. 

Now, it is not suggested to stop attending church or participating in the religious community to reduce the risk of obesity.  But what IS being addressed is that historically, few churches have addressed the obesity issue or have even seen it as a problem.  The church...

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