Exercising in the Fat Zone: Truth or Myth?

by:  CarolAnn, M.S., CPT, CN

Many clients ask at what intensity they should exercise in order to achieve maximum weight loss results. Moreover, the question becomes more about if they should be in a fat-burning zone to achieve greater results. Much literature is publicized on the issue of exercising at a lower intensity to burn more fat while other information encourages those to exercise at a higher intensity to burn more calories. While both ends of the spectrum are true, here are the facts to help one better understand if exercising in the fat zone is truly more effective for losing weight.

Exercise Intensity Before addressing the fat zone, understanding proper exercise intensity is important. In simple terms, according to the American College of Sports Medicine, in order to improve cardiovascular respiratory function (CRF), one should exercise within a target heart rate zone of 70%-85% of his/her age-predicted maximum heart rate (HR) for 20-60 minutes 3-5 days per...

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