Chiseled Faith Lifestyle App

Carry your Chiseled Faith Coach right in your back pocket!

Coming April 15th, 2020!

What You Will Get

Personalized Workout Plans

Whether you'd like to lose weight, gain muscle, or work on your general fitness, we have a workout plan for you!

Tailor-made Nutrition Plan

Nutrition is key in getting results. Use our digital dietitian system to track your daily calorie intake and nutrients.

Set Goals and Track Progress

Our advanced goal system allows you to set goals for body weight, burnt calories per week, body fat and more.

Community of Support & Motivation

Keep motivated within our community and support others.  Participate in challenges and earn badges towards your greatest health and fitness.

Member Profile

Create your very own profile where you can track your meals and activities.  Review how many calories you've burned that day.  Track your progress and challenges that you participate in.  Earn badges towards your goals.  Stay connected with other Chiseled Faith Champions and cheer each other on!

Training Plan

Use our Chiseled Faith workout library containing hundreds of workouts, or build your own collection using our exercise database with 3000+ fully animated exercises.  You'll never have to guess how to perform a particular exercise.  Reference proper form and technique right on the app!

Nutrition Tracking

Whether you want to lose weight, maintain weight or build muscle, Chiseled Faith Lifestyle App can generate a suitable nutrition plan based on goal, lifestyle, and body metrics.

Our extensive food database with more than 1 million products provides detailed information on everything you consume.

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Coming April 15th, 2020

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