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You were never meant to be imprisoned by your physical body. You were meant to live an abundant life spiritually, mentally, and yes….physically! 


Motivational Survival Bible

Your journey begins with the Chiseled Faith Motivational Survival Bible by CarolAnn, MS, CPT, CN.  This step-by-step blueprint takes you through a 12-week journey towards your greatest health and fitness potential.


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12-Week Transformation Program

This Plug-n-Play system will engage you in a process that includes different assessments that will reveal the source of your "Junk" in your life. Our coaches are with you every step of the way.  Discover your blueprint towards your greatest health and fitness.

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Plug-n-Play Ministry

The Chiseled Faith Program is perfect for church small groups.  Simply login and watch and do the 12-week program together.  Lead your congregation to better health, stronger relationships,  and enhanced faith.


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Reveal Who You Really Are


In a community of believers, you now have the CHISEL away the junk in your life....reveal the strength of your faith both physically and be renewed....born again....ALIVE!!!

Chiseled Faith is a scripture-based program featuring a simple 12-week Fitness/Nutrition Plan designed to emphasize lifestyle adjustments.  This program is offered through churches, community centers, and even online!! 

Whether your goal is to lose weight, gain energy, or take your current fitness to the next level, Chiseled Faith is for you!  Chiseled Faith is more than just a diet and exercise program.  This program emphasizes a paradigm shift in your mindset helping you to achieve success and gain control over your life.  Through a positive experience, becoming healthy and fit will soon become a natural routine part of your life.  Restore your FAITH and let us help! Clear you mind of "can't". Get fit & trim and closer to HIM.  It starts today, it starts now....GET Chiseled Faith.

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CarolAnn, MS, CPT, CN
National Fitness Hall of Fame Fitness Superstar

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